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Restorers and Conservators

Restoration and conservation of churches – chapels and their interiors/fittings– castles – forts – patrician residences – excavations – murals

Our company specialises in the conservation and restoration of paintings, sculptures and historic monuments.

Our expertise extends to research activities, developing novel methods for detaching and transferring murals, work on historic plasters, Medieval and Baroque stucco as well as church interiors and fittings.

Alongside intensive research into novel restoration methods, evaluation of new materials, and accomplishments in the realms of mural painting, historical plasterwork as well as Medieval and Baroque stucco, equal importance is given to the conservation and restoration of Roman, and Renaissance to Baroque church interiors and fittings.

The conservation of stone with polychromy di scovered as a result of archaeological excavations is immensely challenging due to the complex issue surrounding the absorption of salts from the soil, the extreme climatic conditions and their impact on the finds and the new materials.

Restoration of the convent of St. Johann Restoration of the convent church of St. Johann

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